imege3-1-100x100.jpeg The following section covers the Blackjack Hall of Fame and an overview of its members. Founded in 2002 with 7 inductees it grown yearly with new members being chosen at the annual Blackjack Ball.
aponte100 Mike Aponte, “MIT Mike”, was a member of an MIT Blackjack Team’s that utilized card counting to improve their odds. Mike started playing Blackjack at some of the major casinos in 1992 and within a couple of year found him blacklisted, unable to play Blackjack at any casino. As a result of this he has become involved with Blackjack through different channels.
braun100 Although Julian Braun was not a player he was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2005 for his worked in developing Blackjack systems. As a programmer for Lawrence Revere and Ed Thorp, Julian was able to develop and produce systems that influenced how Blackjack was played for over a decade.
rsz_john_chang John Chang was the team leader of the MIT blackjack team. After MIT John formed his own team an in the process developed systems such as shuffle tracking and ace sequencing. Read more about John Chang here.
moustache The first celebrated Blackjack player was a Frenchwoman by then name Eleanor Dumont. She made a living by playing Blackjack in the American Old West The first documented and celebrated professional Twenty-One player. Although sporting a fuzzy moustache Eleanor was considered to be a beauty.
four_horsemen-100x100 In 1953 four men from the United States Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, set forth to develop a Blackjack strategy by using simple calculators and some of the mathematical skills they acquired in ballistics calculations. A few years later Thorp used the data they have collected to do some simulations on MIT computers and where surprise on how accurate the results were.
Al-Francesco Al Francesco is considered to be the Godfather of Blackjack. As the original developer of the Big Player team play approach, Al Francesco has won millions in casinos without ever been detected.
petergriffin Peter Griffin, a mathematic genius, realized that the potential of any Blackjack system, no matter how complex it is, can be broken down into two parts, playing efficiency (PE) and betting correlation (BC). This allowed him to analyse any game in real time without the aid of computer simulations. Peter is the author of The Theory of Blackjack, considered the best guide to blackjack.
james-grosjean-100x100 James Grosjean, a Blackjack professional, spent countless hours researching the numbers behind many casino games for his book Beyond Counting; the first publication appeared in 2000. James and Michael Russo instituted a lawsuit against the Griffin Agency, which eventually resulted in it bankruptcy, in addition to this James has been paid a considerable amount in damages by several casinos.
tommy-hyland100 Tommy Hyland is considered to be the most successful team leader ever by virtue of winning and longevity. Tommy Hyland and his team has made use of card counting, ace sequencing, shuffle tracking and computers to beat casinos world-wide.
Marcumpro Long before Thorp, Jess Marcus figured out how to improve his odds by only using a pencil and paper. As a mathematician for the global think tank Rand Corporation, Jess switched careers after seeing a game of Blackjack being played in Las Vegas.
mit-blackjack Since 1979 the MIT Blackjack Team has gone through many changes. Their success is characterized card counting, employing team’s strategies, delegation of complex tasks, optimal use of individual talents and cleverly disguising betting patterns. Also known as The Strategic Investments, several films have been made about their activities, for instance, 21 and Bringing Down the House.
Munchkin100 Better known as a Blackjack interviewer or skilled tournament player, Richard Munchkin is also known as a director and producer of Kung-Fu films. Apart from being an interviewer Richard is also the author of Gambling Wizards and is currently working on a book about blackjack wizards.
darryl_purpose100 In the 80’s Darryl Purpose was the fastest card counter in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, capable of counting down a deck of cards in less than 10 seconds. Once famed for bursting into a Yakuza meeting demanding his winnings. Now-a-days he focuses on music, song writing, and performance.
Zeljko-100x100 Know as the world’s biggest punter, Zeljko Ranogajec annual betting turnover is estimated to be around 1 billion dollars. Known as a highly talented and innovative player it did not take long for Zelijko to be banned from all US and Australian casino.
Revere100 Lawrence Revere has worked in almost all sections of the gambling industry that is from a pit boss, dealer, trouble-shooter and owner. Starting in 1943 Lawrence became a professional player and is best known for developing a system to determine the true count of a deck by way of suggestion.
Max-Rubin As the author of Comp City: A Guide to Free Gambling Vacations, a “how to” find weaknesses in casino computer systems, Max Rubin is also the founder of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. In addition Max is also the host of “Top-secret, by-invitation-only” annual Blackjack Ball, with the main function of selecting the best Blackjack players via competition.
Schlesinger Don Schlesinger’s is a Blackjack mathematician, teacher, researcher, and professional player with experience that stretches over 30 years. He is also the author of Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros’ Way, for his contribution to the advancement of Blackjack; Don has been nominated several times for the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Read more about Don Schlesinger here.
arnoldsnyder Arnold Snyder is an author with over 30 years experience as a professional Blackjack player. Some of his works The Big Book of Blackjack and The Blackjack Formula describe the history of Blackjack and advantage play. Arnold is also the editor and a frequent contributor to the Blackjack Forum. Read more about Arnold Snyder here.
keithtaft100 Keith Taft an electronic expert used his skills to devise ingenious device to effectively beat the casinos. Some of his devices include the Telly Belly, Thor the shuffle tracking device, and George and David the portable card counter. For this Keith has been inducted to the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2004.
Thorp100 Edward Oakley Thorp is well known for developing card counting systems and revolutionary research on blackjack odds and bets. Using his research Edward proved that it is possible to beat the dealer at card counting. The MIT team used his book, Beat the Dealer, as study material.
Uston-Blackjack After meeting Al Francesco the Vice President of the Pacific Stock Exchange and President and CEO of Pacific Clearing Corporation, Ken Uston became interested in card counting and team strategy play. As n flamboyant player Ken became part of Big Player during the 70’s and 80’s. After being banned from casino he decided to take the casinos to court.
stanfordwong John Ferguson, also known as Stanford Wong, has written over a dozen books on games of chance. His most influential work, Professional Blackjack, first coined the term “wonging” which has become part of the standard vocabulary of professional Blackjack players.