Hi Opt Card Counting

This complicated system is not for the faint hearted as a matter of fact this highly accurate system is only intended for the most advanced and experienced of players. This is due to the fact that players must do counting calculations at an express rate.

The High Optimum card counting system 2 is vastly more superior when compared to other simpler counting systems. Given that cards may have a value of -2, -1, 0, +1 and +2, the high opt 2 card counting system is a multilevel counting system that requires complete concentration, although the system may not be mathematically complicated it is still only recommended for advanced players that have sufficient card counting experience.

The High Opt 2 Running Count

Below is the Hi Opt 2 chart that is used to follow the running count, players must insure that they know and understand the values better than the back of their hand, because a single hesitation or error could be disastrous.
As far as positive value cards go, they may have different values for instance 2, 3, 6, 7 all have a positive +1 value and middle- low cards such as 4 and 5 both have a +2 value. Any cards that have value of 10 also has a negative -2 value, all aces are neutral and have a +0 value. When all of the cards in the deck is counted a value of +0 is achieved meaning the Hi Opt 2 counting system is a balanced system.

High Opt 2 Conversion to True Count

The High Opt 2 card counting system requires that a player convert the Running Count into a True Count by means of dividing by the amount of decks that are still left in the shoe. To read more about this conversion visit our card counting section.

Keep an accurate side count of the Aces

All aces are neutral and have a value of +0, players often count aces separately, and this is commonly referred to as side counting. If a player can keep an accurate side count of all of the aces that have been played he/she will have the upper hand advantage. However when players use the complicated Hi Opt 2 counting systems it is almost impossible to maintain an additional count. There are of course other methods for keeping count of how many aces have been played i.e. moving chips or feet or fingers, just a thought.