Blackjack Calculators

The Blackjack calculator is probably the most essential tool that is needed to improve a player’s Blackjack game. A Blackjack calculator helps a player in different ways, one of which is counting cards. The Blackjack calculator counts the cards that have already been played.

As many players and or card counters may know keeping count of the played cards helps to identify whether or not the deck is in favour of the player. However counting cards isn’t as simple as 1, 2, 3… it is of the utmost importance that

the cards are counted in the right manner, which could prove to be quite difficult. Fortunately we have seen fit to provide you with names of the best Blackjack Calculators.

Blackjack Radar

This Blackjack calculator is a Casino21 Blackjack Strategies Calculator. The Blackjack Radar system is capable of generating accurate strategy charts for various Blackjack games at several of the most popular online casinos.
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Blackjack Iphone App

This Blackjack Calculator is a card counting app designed for iPhone, the Blackjack iPhone App may also be used in stealth mode. Because it has been deemed as a card counting device, the majority of casinos has branded it as illegal.

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Blackjack Sniper 1.0

This Blackjack Calculator is a very clever little tool that runs on a Windows operating system. The Blackjack Sniper makes it possible for player to achieve the impossible by allow a player to count cards at live online casino tables. Be advised however that the Blackjack Sniper system may very well be illegal, especially if one considers the fact that it is card counting software.
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