Blackjack Tools

It is a given that in order to successfully play Blackjack, a player should know the rules of the game by heart, but don’t fret there are various online tools available that may help you play a more successful game. Believe it or not but there are calculators available that are capable of either teaching you some invaluable card counting skills or just enhancing your existing card counting skills, while other simulators may help you evaluate different strategies as well as formulate some new and exciting strategies of your own all of which are intended to beat the dealer.

This page also features a direct link to the iPod Touch and iPhone smart phone applications section. In this section we have reviewed the best Blackjack games that are currently available for use on smart phones.


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iPhone and iPod Touch

Check out our reviews regarding the most excellent online Blackjack games for iPhone and iPod Touch smart phones that are currently available.