Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack has a basic strategy that is not difficult to master. you simply need to understand the best way to play each of a number of different situations, even though you don’t know how the rest of the pack of cards is distributed. Here is an outline of basic blackjack strategy for four card deck sor more, when the dealer is standing on soft 17 (a very common setup). You’ll also find links to view more basic explanatory rules and charts. The table below is a very useful one to remember because it can be used effectively in a number of blackjack game types with differing rules.

On the table below, look up and the dealer’s up card along the top and your hand along the left vertical edge.

“A” stands for ace. Soft totals, hard totals and splittable hands are listed from top to bottom. Some borderline situations are affected by rule variations. The most flexible rules are the number of decks in the game, whether doubling is allowed after splitting and whether the dealer hits or stands on a soft 17.
Key to table:
H – Hit
S – Stand
D – Double if allowed, otherwise hit