Side Bets

There are often a separate set of rules that take a place next to regular Blackjack rules. Usually these rules relate to the side bets that a player may make while playing. Although side bets are played on the side during a regular Blackjack game they don’t affect the ongoing game in any way. Below is additional information regarding available Blackjack side bets.

Royal Match side bet is made when the first two cards are of the same suit. To win this bet any two suited cards are needed, no matter the value, with the exception being a Royal Match i.e. a suited King and Queen, when this happens the payout is increased substantially. In order to spot a Blackjack table that allows Royal Match betting look for circles that contain the letters “RM” or the words “Royal Match”. Even though the table limit for Royal Match betting is small and casino consider it a sucker bet there are advantages to be had i.e. you can actually win plus if you do end up winning you won’t seem suspicious.

Over & Under

Over/Under is a side bet that a player places on whether or not the first two cards that are dealt will be either over or under the value of 13. Despite the fact that an ace has two values in a regular hand of Blackjack i.e. 1 or 11, when betting Over/Under an Ace only has one value i.e. 1. In the event that the cards that are dealt are over or under 13 the payout will be 2 to 1, however when the total value of the first two cards is 13 on the dot then the bet is lost. Usually the house has the winning edge for Over/Under side bets, unless the player is using a card counting system in which case the Over/Under betting becomes quite lucrative.

Lucky Ladies players making this side bet, is betting that the first two cards that are dealt will have a total value of 20. Obviously there are several card combinations that will add up to a card value of 20 i.e. two ten’s, an ace and a nine… however royal pairs such as two queens will pay out a larger sum. If no counting system is used here the house has an increased advantage. Super Sevens, this side bet is fixed in other words the betting amount is pre-determined and fixed so a player may not increase or decrease the betting amount, normally the betting amount is low. The objective behind the Super Sevens side bet is that anywhere between 1, 2 or 3 sevens will be dealt with in the first three cards of a hand.