Hand Signals

The noisy casino environment makes it very difficult to verbally convey your game play choices; with so many distractions misunderstanding is quite common. To this end special hand signals has been developed to improve communication and to prevent miscommunication.

Handle signal are not uniform and hence it is important that you know if you are playing a London Deal or Nevada game. Don’t be fooled the names is by no means location dependent, you will find a London Deal in Nevada and vice versa. Luckily the difference between the two is easy to tell and the ways the cards are dealt are straightforward.
In the London Deal the cards are dealt face up, the player is not allowed to touch the cards to prevent the cards from being marked in some way. If you touch the cards you will be seen as a cheater and at least will get a reprimand. In the London Deal hand signals are always made without touching the cards. In the Nevada Deal your cards are dealt face down. Handling you cards are permitted but only with one hand. If you wish to pick up your cards always keep them in plain sight and above the table, avoid handling the cards excessively.

It is now time to learn the hand signals for both types of deals.

London Deal

  • Hit – Tap the table behind the cards or point at the cards. You may also make a “come here” gesture on the table behind your cards.
  • Stand – Wave you hand above your cards without using your arms.
  • Double – Place your second bet next to your first bet without touching your first bet, hold up one finger.
  • Split – As with double down add your second bet next to your first bet without touching the original bet stack, then hold up two fingers.

Nevada Deal

  • Hit ­– If you have the cards in one hand you may scrape the table lightly with the cards or make a “come home” gesture behind the cards.
  • Stand – You can slide your cards under your stack of chips without disturbing the chips or as in the London Deal wave your hand above your cards without using you arms.
  • Double – Turn cards face up and place your second bet in a separate stack next to your first bet without touching your first bet then hold up one finger.
  • Split – Same as the double down but hold up two fingers.